Consumption in Transition by Corona

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The pandemic has turned our habits upside down. Which industries are benefiting and which are suffering - and only now or in the future? 

Going to the office on weekdays, shopping in the city on weekends and going on holiday by plane in summer: what used to be a matter of course for many people is no longer so in times of Corona. But the crisis has not only changed our lives, its impact on the economy is also unmistakable. Some effects may be temporary, others permanent. The pandemic is partly acting as a catalyst, accelerating developments of trading markets in withdrawal exness that have been a long time coming. Join us for a look at the current situation and wider consequences.

Top: online shopping, streaming and apps - Flop: big purchases

While retail suffered in 2020, online retail defied the crisis and recorded growth. You know the best-known example - it's Amazon. But what if normality returns? There is circumstantial evidence of a lasting impact on consumer behaviour. As part of the report "The Shape of Retail: Consumers and the New Normal", the consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal surveyed 6,000 consumers in six European countries. The results speak for themselves: 34 percent of Germans have ordered items online for the first time that they would otherwise have bought exclusively in retail stores. 23 percent believe that they will also shop online more often in the future. 

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Overall, shoppers are currently spending less money because of Corona. According to Alvarez & Marsal, it is mainly larger or non-essential purchases such as clothing, electrical appliances and furniture that are being postponed. Winners are found in digital content, for example apps: According to the digital association Bitkom, their turnover reaches 1.99 billion euros this year, surpassing last year's record by 24 per cent. Video streaming is also booming, as can be seen in the quarterly reports of the market leader Netflix. Those who can't go to the cinema watch films and series online. It even goes so far that the US film and television company Warner Bros., for example, wants to bring all new films this year to streaming at the same time as they are released in cinemas.

The home office trend - and its impact on housing and transport

In addition to private life, Corona is also having an impact on the way we work: from home, if possible. This is not without consequences for the housing market, as additional space is required for a comfortable home office. It is true that at the beginning of the year there was initially a slump in residential property due to the Corona shock. But already in June, an evaluation by showed a strong increase in demand for houses with more than 150 square metres of living space. Enquiries rose by 37 percent compared to the same month last year. But what will happen to commercial real estate if the trend towards home offices continues? Already, a report shows a significant decline in office lettings. This poses a potential threat to open-ended real estate funds that have commercial properties in their portfolios. Those who tradeshars

Moreover, home office work eliminates the need to travel to the office. Bad prospects for car manufacturers? It's not that simple, as many people have rediscovered the benefits of owning a car over crowded public transport. At the same time, another factor comes into play with the high government purchase premiums for electric cars and hybrid vehicles. Unsurprisingly, e-cars posted a 522.8 per cent increase in the s's registration figures in November. The crisis is thus possibly triggering an accelerated shift towards electromobility. Manufacturers who are well positioned in this segment and have popular e-models in their range could benefit from this.


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