Available Voucher Funds

In order to promote broad application of CORE funding, individual equipment types have been grouped into funding categories, and no one category may receive more than 25 percent of  total CORE voucher funding within the first six months after program launch (i.e., February 3rd until August 3rd).  For the purposes of this funding cap, six funding categories have been identified and are listed below. CARB will continue to evaluate needs in the funding categories after the first six months and may continue limits, if warranted.

When CORE first opened in 2020, the total voucher funding for CORE was $41 million, after an initial $8 million set aside for HVIP transfers, each of the six equipment categories below are bound by a 25 percent limit of $8.25 million for the first six months. Once the funding for a particular category has reached its cap, new voucher requests for that equipment type (including conversions of that equipment type) will be placed on a contingency list until the cap is lifted.  However, there is no guarantee that funding will be available for the voucher requests on the contingency list.

In October of 2021, $30 million in off-road funding was allocated by CARB to fund CORE’s Contingency List. $27,901,525 of voucher funding was approved for voucher requests across all categories.  


Equipment Type

Requested Funding

(Updated April 9, 2021)

Terminal tractors (both on- and off-road)

Cap has been exceeded

TRUs (both truck- and trailer-mounted)

Cap has been exceeded

Large forklifts and container handling equipment

Cap has been exceeded

Airport ground support equipment (airport cargo loaders, wide-body aircraft tugs, and aircraft GPUs)

Cap has been exceeded

Railcar movers

Cap has been exceeded

MPUs and mobile shore power cable management systems

Cap has been exceeded

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