The CORE Project’s Professional Landscape Service Equipment funding segment closed on October 2, 2023, allocating $27 million in voucher incentive funding for California small businesses and sole proprietors to purchase zero-emission landscaping equipment. Announcements for future funding for professional landscaping equipment have yet to be made. To receive funding updates, please subscribe to the CORE Project’s listserv by visiting our Contact Us page and enlist in the California Air Resources Board mailing to participate in upcoming workshops and workgroups at

PLE Infographic for Closing (Website)

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Other California Incentives for Professional Landscape and Charging Equipment

Additional Funding

You can learn more about additional funding opportunities available through California Air District Zero-Emission Landscape Equipment Incentive Programs and the Carl Moyer Program.

Please note that stacking, or combining CORE funding with other public funding programs, is allowed by CORE but may be disallowed by other programs. Be sure to confirm the terms, conditions, and program requirements of each funding source when evaluating fund-stacking scenarios.